Mercado Central

Mercado Central Client, Production: Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza,  Mercazaragoza The Mercado Central is an emblematic building of Zaragoza (Spain). On the occasion of its recent remodelling, our proposal was selected for an audiovisual piece that would follow the evolution of the building from its inauguration up to now. After extensive documentary work, we recreated three eras: […]


Eral Brand: Eral  ~  Agency: BIGI Communication The agency, BIGI Communication, commissioned us to create the visual effects in an ad for the Eral clothing brand, which operates mainly in the Asian market. The protagonist passes through a number of locations, with the entire ad taking place in a dreamlike atmosphere. To achieve this, the […]


Miau Director: Ignacio Estaregui  ~  Production: Estaregui, Sendino & Machín Miau is the second feature film of the director, Ignacio Estaregui (Justi&Cia). The film tells the story of four retirees who are planning a robbery to give their lives a shot of adrenalin. On this project, we were in charge of the opening credits, which […]