Director: Ignacio Estaregui  ~  Production: Estaregui, Sendino & Machín

Miau is the second feature film of the director, Ignacio Estaregui (Justi&Cia). The film tells the story of four retirees who are planning a robbery to give their lives a shot of adrenalin.

On this project, we were in charge of the opening credits, which recreate scenes from the film using miniature figures of the actors. In all the shots, we mixed real background images with digitally sculpted and painted figures.


Director: Ignacio Estaregui
Production: Estaregui, Sendino & Machín
  • Producers: Ignacio Estaregui, Gloria Sendino, Jaime García Machín
Director of Photography: Adrián Barcelona
Art Director: Víctor Abad
Camera: Adrián Barcelona
Music: Luis Giménez
Color Grading: Luciérnaga
CG: Rush
  • CG Artists: Javier Toledo, Paul Lacruz