Client: Eral  |  Agency: BiGi Communications

The agency, BIGI Communication, commissioned us to create the visual effects in an ad for the Eral clothing brand, which operates mainly in the Asian market.

The protagonist passes through a number of locations, with the entire ad taking place in a dreamlike atmosphere. To achieve this, the footage was reinforced with visual effects, and matte paints were created for the more special locations, such as the ice sequence.


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Client: Eral


Agency: BIGI Communication

  • Producers: Beck Tsin


Music: Circonflex

Visual Effects: Rush

  • Project Leads: Javier Toledo & Paul Lacruz
  • FX TD: Javier Toledo
  • Lead Compositing: Paul Lacruz
  • Compositing Artists: Jaime Gutiérrez, Carlos Raya
  • Concept Artist: Joan Piqué Llorens
  • Mattepainter: Sergio Pastor