Bendita Calamidad

Director: Gaizka Urresti  ~  Production: Urresti Producciones

The comedy Bendita Calamidad is a feature film directed by Gaizka Urresti, who won a Goya Award in 2014 for Abstenerse Agencias. We were in charge of the film’s visual effects: from supervision during shooting until final delivery for the colour grading. We created a very wide variety of effects in over 50 shots, notably including the simulation of fire and the fabric of the façade.


Director: Gaizka Urresti

Production:Urresti Producciones

Producer: Silvia Gómez

Director of Photography: Pepe Añón

Art Direction: Ana Nicolás

Visual Effects: Rush

  • VFX On-Set Supervision: Javier Toledo, Paul Lacruz, Boris Martínez
  • FX TD: Javier Toledo
  • VFX Artist: Paul Lacruz
  • Compositing: Boris Martinez