After several years of experience in the visual effects sector, Javier Toledo and Paul Lacruz decided to embark upon a new professional adventure. Motivated to provide visual enhancement for the projects of filmmakers, agencies and producers, they founded Rush in 2014.

A visual effects and animation studio that soon expanded the number of its in-house staff and external collaborators to work with clients on both national and international projects. Some of the brands that rely on Rush include Schweppes, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eral, Aramón and Affinity.

Rush’s main interests lie in film and advertising. These are sectors in which it especially excels and has developed its artistic vision, while paying close attention to the aesthetic and narrative needs that are particular to each project.

Rush’s objective is to offer creative solutions to any technical or artistic challenge that comes up, always searching for new ways to surprise, even themselves.


Paul Lacruz

Co-Founder and Senior VFX Artist

Javier Toledo

Co-Founder and Senior FX TD

Pol Cuenca Brunet

Mid VFX Artist

Josep Lluís Cid Martí

Junior VFX Artist